Meeting Minutes

Meeting Notes 10/9

Meeting begun at

14 parents were present

Mrs Jamie Butz called the meeting to order at 7:02pm.

Prayer was recited.

  • Treasurers report
  • Magazine Sale
    • Net about 60K
    • Cookie Dough Pick Up Oct. 18th
      • Must be picked up then
    • New restaurant for next year?
    • Dance party went well
  • Father/daughter
    • 288 individuals (same as last year)
    • Julie Roberts is stepping down; Julie Price is going to co-chair
    • DJ and photographer are booked for next year
    • Date?
      • This year's didn't seem to impact # of attendance
  • Grandparents Day
    • THIS wednesday
    • Colleen Milks is chair
    • 431 Grandparents & students RSVPs
      • b/c of so large, students who do not have grandparent may stay out of church
      • Past years 485-510 so we will look at that
  • Box Tops
    • Contest going on now
    • Ice Cream Party for ppl participating
    • Just send in an envelope
  • Skating Party
    • Oct. 26th
    • 6p-8p
    • Costumes
      • Can't have anything on head or face
    • More info coming in newsletter
  • Movie Night
    • Tentatively 1st Sat. of November
    • Emoji Movie
    • Waiting on confirmation for date
  • Assistance for Girl Scouts
    • A mother from the elementary approached Mr. Urbanski about creating a troop
    • Put something in a newsletter requesting leader for different grades
    • Need to figure out a structure (similar but not the same as cub scouts)
    • Mr. Carroll will call Girl Scouts of America to get information from them and then get it out to parents
  • Other
    • Room Parents
      • Everything is going well; Halloween party is planning
      • Everyone is Virtus certified
      • Have all the teacher's birthdays
    • Breakfast with Santa
      • Still need a Santa; if anyone knows of anyone let the office know
      • All set with volunteers right now
    • Playground Equipment
      • Seeing lots of kids climbing on top of equipment; if you see kids doing it, please tell them to stop
    • Athletic Cards
      • $10
      • $$ going to get a water bottle drinking fountain in gym
      • Cards available in the office

New Business

  • Hurricane Relief
    • A CK student's immediate family has been greatly impacted by the hurricane in Puerto Rico; what can we do to help?
      • We need to make sure that we find a balance between helping and always asking for donations
      • Bake Sale??
        • Grade does it instead of school
        • Can do it at lunch
        • Room Parents and teachers can help organize

Mr. Carroll/Mr. Urbanski

  • Halloween Party Reminder: Friday 10/27th
  • Pre School Trick or Trunk 10/30
  • Haunted Hallways - Wed 10/25
    • 6-7:30p
  • Xmas Parties will be 12/19
  • Teacher's Luncheon 12/18
  • Conferences - Sign Up (see Principal's Newsletter for links)
    • 11/2 - 6th-8th is a student lead
    • 11/2 & 11/3
    • Meeting with a parent who has other ideas for fundraising
    • Net $20-$25K
    • Want it to be a One Time Thing
    • Hopefully have more info next meeting

Meeting concluded at 7:55pm