Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 3/12/2018

Parent Club Minutes 3/12/18

Call to order


Treasurer’s report

    • Reviewed monthly bank rec and o/s checks
    • Reviewed actual to budget summary
    • Answered questions regarding various checks

Event wrap up

  • Skating party 58/60 people
    1. Last party of the year is April 24th
    2. Party will have theme; potential luau theme-Jamie has lays
  • Preschool open house
    1. Went well; a lot of interest and registrations

Upcoming and ongoing events

  • Magazine drive
    1. Kim Leverenze and Meisha Adlington volunteered to take over magazine drive
    2. Discussing ways to split it up
    3. Magazine sale meeting is 3/19
    4. Spring planning and then fall will be majority of work
  • Mother /son fun night
    1. March 15th; over 121 registered
  • Grandparents day
    1. Friday 4/20 from 9-11am
    2. Trying to have more kids involved instead of parents
    • Committee involved in getting kids involved instead of parents
      • 7 action teams like Leader in Me
      • RSVP’s a must for seating capacity
  • School Kits
    • Mandatory for kindergarten
    • Optional for other grades
    • Kit is all-inclusive for school supplies
    • Pick-up potentially 8/4 from 11-12 and 6-7
    • Fundraiser for school
  • Spring teacher appreciation luncheon
    1. Lisa Grizaniuk agreed to do luncheon
    2. Scheduled for May 8th
  • Movie night
    1. Friday, April 13th, Coco
    2. Saturday, April 28th, Despicable Me 3
  • Box tops
    1. Totals and class winners aren’t in
    2. Possibly one more turn-in before end of year
  • Other?
    1. April is budget meeting; starts at 6:30
    2. April is last parent club meeting of the year
    3. Reminder! Be careful in the parking lot.
    • Has student safety patrol ever been considered?
    • Standing at doors, directing traffic

New Business

Comments from Mr. Carroll and/or Mr. Urbanski

  • Other schools send teacher and student liaisons to meetings; considering that format for 2018/2019 school year
  • Mr. Carroll and Mr. Urbanski went to SSPO meeting to hear how other schools do parent club meetings and to hear about their school safety
  • Middle school night 3/13
  • Service day for teachers
  1. Each teacher gets a t-shirt that says “Be Awesome”
  2. 12 teams
  3. Teachers don’t know anything about the day other than it is a day of service
  • Faculty did ALICE refresher training
  1. Biggest factor is distraction
  2. Each room is equipped with an ALICE bucket which contains hammer, wasp spray and items to help distract and escape
  3. Purchase additional cameras for 2nd floor to enhance communication
  4. Need to do evacuation drill and barricade and lockdown drill with school
  5. Looking into slider locks on doors
  6. Question - How is recess and lunch room handled in event of active shooter?
  • Playground guards needs training
  • Parents need training and knowledge about what happens at CK in the event of an active shooter
    • Potential parent meeting
  1. Wednesday in National Walk Out Day
  • May do something to recognize 17 students
  • Let off 17 balloons or do 17 minute of silence