Meeting Minutes

May 2017-Rev Budget Meeting

10 parents (incl exec)

School Kits

Went well; 1 or 2 more than last year

Lots of participation

Uniform swap at Pick up

Uniform Swap in June as well

Sunday in Science Lab

Another in August with supply pick up

Skating Parties

Tomorrow night 6-8pm

No theme

Box Tops

Finalizing; get them in

Get any Campbell's soup labels by June 30th

Teachers Luncheon

Very nice; everyone enjoyed it

Got nice plants and good food

Under budget; desserts donated vs buying them

Suggestions for next year?

Hot Lunch

Looking for one more vender for next year

Phenician (from UT)

Mediterrian cuisine

Chairpersons for next year-don't need to replace everyone

Grandparents Day

Went well;

Switch on the eggs was great! Going to do it next year

Issues with kids coming in with other family members

Ok if they RSVPed; but others came after they RSVPed

No problem to have people come, JUST NEED TO RSVP

Next year talk to teachers ahead of time;

Kindergarten Graduation

Need a chairperson for next year

Ask 1st grade room parent at the beginning of the year to be coordintor for K graduation

Room Mom Coordinator

Still need a volunteer

Parent's Club Volunteers

Pick 5 volunteer sign up list


Put forms on website?

June 7th-Mulch for playground; 9am; great opportunity for incoming 8th grade; buy pizza for volunteers (PC)

Fr. Dominic's Party

No parish Picnic in Aug.

June 10th

6pm-8:30pm (after 5pm mass)

Need volunteer to organize Blow Ups

Summer Movie Night

Tuesday, June 13th

7pm check in

Movie at 7:30pm

Lego Batman

NEED A LOT OF PARENTS to keep kids in and outsiders out

Still in need of a Treasurer!!

If it doesn’t need to be a parent, could it be new Asst. Principal? (teaches finance classes)

After a debate, it was decided to continue looking for a parent but to keep use Mr. Urbanski's skill set

According to the constitution, a treasurer should not be a staff member; could be changed if needed; need to be approved


Hot Lunch-do we want it to be a convenience or a fundraiser; We also don't want to loose money as inflation figures in; Need to go up each year to stay with inflation; There is also a $190 service fee per month; Will meet after we get 17-18 prices and set prices (June 2017)

Instructional-Honeywell=$1500; plus other instructional items for this year still

Mr. Carroll

Mr. Urbanski is very eager to get started;

One more staff change;

Mrs. Irwin's last PC mtg.

CK PC Budget rev2