Meeting Minutes

Parents Club Meeting 5/14/2018

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Mrs. Jamie Butz. 6 parents were present along with Mr. Joe Carroll and Mr. Steve Urbanski.



Finance Issues

A few outstanding checks, but written recently.

Got last check from Ohio Skate

Within $3. 56 of budget, but more are outstanding.

Get any more reimbursement requests in by JUNE 15TH

Especially 8th grade recognition

Teacher appreciation gifts

Office staff is in the office thru June (last 2 weeks only until 1pm)

PLEASE get any reimbursement requests it to office before June 15th

Ongoing Events/Wrap-Up

School Kits

Went well;

Over budget in both income & expense

Movie Nights

Did pretty well

Roughly 50-60 for each

Profit About $230 for each night from concessions and walk ins

Shetoya will continue to Chair next year

Not sure of the release dates for DVD to see which dates/movies

Will regroup in Aug.

Grandparent's Day

Needed more coffee

Setting up an additional drink station although not sure where

Space/seating is a concern

Should we move the 5th grade down to Elementary GP day?

500 grades 1-4 (but it's split and it's not a whole meal)

300 for 5-8

Will discuss it the 1st of the year

Went over budget this year

3000 v 2600 budget

$400 for Elementary

$2600 for Older

Moving 5th grade will lower $$ b/c we won't be paying for full breakfast

Colleen Milks - Chair for Younger

NEED A NEW ONE for Middle School Grandparents Day Next Year

Mindy Rozelle is the teacher in charge of the Action Team (Melissa Hill helped with older grades)

Helped get the student helpers this year; can help get students next year as well

Skating Party

April - wasn't as good of #s but still fun

Approx 50 kids

Unsure about chair (Is Shana staying on?)

Staff Appreciation Luncheon

Very Nice and appreciated

WAY under budget

Lisa got lots of donations

Keep budget the same to use $$ to gift but didn't do it this year

Used less than 1/2 the budget

Didn't have enough sweets this year b/c of varing circumstances

Lisa G. & Marie is planning to chair it next year again

Upcoming Events/Ongoing Items

8th Grade Recognition Dinner

Evening before graduation (Wed)

Tables and chairs stay up for K grad

Considering 7th grade help

8th grade parents plan with the help of 7th grade parents

Evening of event, 7th grade parents run & clean up

7th graders/parents:

Check in

Drink Table

Help clear tables

Do any clean up

Kindergarten Graduation

1st grade room parents are good;

Erica Tyberski will also be there to help

School Spirit Rock

Mr. Carroll hasn't mentioned it to Fr. Bill

Will approach them about it soon

Location is still a concern

Where to put it so general public won't be able to see it sitting out (and paint inappropriate things on it)

8th grade class will be only ones that paint it

Concerns about putting it out where the public can see it/paint it


Join Scouting Night

Reps from Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts

Wed. 5/16

New Business


Mr. Carroll & Mr. Urbanski

Notepads will be coming home in Brown Envelope this week

Spirit the dog was here today

$$ for dog came from Parents Club

CK Mud Hens Night - Friday, Aug. 17th

Choisters signing National Anthem

Reserving a picnic area (center field)

Tickets with food $30 for an adult/ $28 for kid (all you can eat burgers/hot dogs)

You can just buy the ticket and come to our picnic area (won't be able to eat)

New 8th Grade Graduation Walk starting this year

Wed. of last week of school

Classes will line the halls and get a send off

Parents will greet them at the door

Departmentalize 4th & 5th grade

Have home room and then switch btw 4th & 5th grade

Teacher will have them from first day of 4th grade thru end of 5th grade

Parents Club Seats

Deb 2nd term is up next year; will need a new VP

Erin's 1st term up this year; will continue

Jamie's 1st term is up this year;


Art & computer changes to semesters/2 days a week

Because we missed so many Mondays b/c of snow days/holidays

Middle School Gym and Music will be separated by gender

Choisters will be Tuesday instead of Thursday next year

Teacher/School Evaluations were brought up. Mr. Carroll liked the idea, and will look into it for next year; won't this year b/c of accreditation survey that just went out

Jeans day on Field Day; NO JEANS last day of school (Honors Assembly)