4th 5th grade homework


 4th Grade Homework 10/22/18

 Math- XTRAMATH certificate by April 30th 


Entry activities are due 10-23.  There are 3 of them.

 4R only- Some students need to go back over their video worksheet.  They should use their notebook and textbook to find the answers.  It is due Tuesday.  Some students turned it in today.

    RELIGION 4R ONLY- 10/22

Saint presentations for 4R will be on Tuesday     10-23 during the school day.  All of the students should have time to do them.  Costumes are optional.  Please do not feel pressured to have the costume ready for Tuesday.  


  Religion 4C only ( posted on 10/15)

~ There will be an "Open Book"test on Chapter 2 on Tuesday, October 23rd.

 Language Arts: Read 15 minutes and complete a task box.

 Spelling pre-test: Friday 10-26-18

   Other: 4C and 4R- Friday Folders are due back on

Wednesday, October 17th. Please remember to put

your initials in the box that best applies to your view

of your child's work for the week.

Please return your child's report card envelope.





Fifth Grade Homework  10/22/18


-Entry activities are due 10-23.  There is only one crossword this week.

-5A only- Finish 2 microscope worksheets- due Tuesday


  Social Studies 5A and 5S: ( posted 10/17)

 ` ~ There will be a social studies test on the Pacific Northwest Native Americans on Wednesday, October24th. Use your information booklet and handout to prepare for the test.

~ Remember to bring any items you need for the Potlatch celebration on Thursday, October 18th.

  LA/Reading: read 20 minutes and complete a task box.

Vocab test Friday 10-26-18

 Math- xtramath

Religion 5A- finish page 113

 Music recorders