4th 5th grade homework



Math-Test chapter 2 Feb. 27th 

XTRAMATH 2x a week,  certificate by April 30th in Multiplication

 Social Studies:4C and 4R (posted 2/11)

~ Finish the inventor worksheet


2 EAs are due 2/20.

 4R RELIGION   2/14/19- no hmwk


MUSIC 4R- Boom cards

SPANISH 4R- Worksheet is due 2/20.

Spanish TEST- 2/20


Language Arts: no homework

Spelling Test: post-test Friday Feb 22



 4C's Valentine Party will be on Thursday, February 14th. Students can bring in Valentine cards to hand out during the party. There are 24 students in 4C.


4R is also having a Valentine's Day party on Thursday, February 14th.  Students can bring in Valentine cards to hand out during the party.  There are 23 students in 4R.


4C and 4R- Friday Folders are due back on

Wednesday, February 15h. Please remember to put

your initials in the box that best applies to your view

of your child's work for the week.




Fifth Grade Homework  2/15/19

 SCIENCE 2/15/19

-EAs are due 2/20.

-No other hmwk- We will finish the star wkshts next week.


 L.A: No homework

March  Lexile Book due Monday the 4th

Vocab Test: Friday Feb 22nd

 Math-5A only: page 141 13-17 in book, 18-23 on graph paper, 5S- workbook page  69 Xtramath 2x a week, certificate in multiplication and division by April 30th.  Chapter 3 test 2/20

5S Spanish Test Friday Feb 15th


 Social Studies: 


Religion -Chapter 12 Test Friday Feb. 22