Homework page 4th

                                 4c column                                                                            4R column                  

                                                                 This Week:  January 30- February 3


~ Students will be reading the novel, " A Boys's Journey". Each student will be given a copy of the novel to use. The novel will be kept at school and taken home when their is homework.


commas in dates, addresses,  places,and introductions


Social Studies:      

 Students  will be learning about Ohio's  " War of 1812". 

 Religion: We are starting chapter 5.


-Students will be making a flipbook and learning about fossils.  


-Students will learn more about multiplication.  We will focus on double digit multiplication.  We will start division on Friday.









   4R and 4C Language ( 2/2))

 4R and 4C  needs to complete the date and place comma review worksheet


    4C Reading (2/2)


 4R and 4C Social Studies ( 2/2)

 No HW






4C and 4R MATH 2/3

-Xtramath- Students have to complete 2 sessions this week. This is due Sunday.

- 5s times tables quiz will be on Friday.  Students will receive paper flash cards.  There is also a link in their Math Google Classroom.  Students can practice these facts online.  

4C and 4R SCIENCE 2/3

-no hmwk

4C and 4R RELIGION 2/3

-no hmwk