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                                 4c column                                                                            4R column                  

                                                                 This Week:  September 20-24


There will be a test on Thursday, September 23rd on the story " Justin and the best Biscuits in the World". The test is on comprehension and vocabulary .

Students will  be review the story, " Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World."  Storytown pages 186-202.

A vocabulary study guide will be sent home on Wednesday, September 8th.

Language: Students will be working on recognizing complete sentences and sentence fragments. This week they will also be making corrections to run-on sentences.

~The test on complete sentences, sentence fragments, and run-on sentences has been moved. The test will be on Friday, September 24th. Students can use their LA notebook to help prepare for the test.  The 4 types of sentences ( declarative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory )will not be on this test.

Social Studies: Students will be learning about the early people of Ohio. Text pages 28-30. ** Students need an art shirt for social studies this week.**

Religion: We are starting chapter 2 this week Students will learn about the Mass.

Science: We will be finishing up the scientific method.  Students will do their first experiment this week.  The test will be next week. Students can start studying now.  They have all of the notes in their notebook. Students will get a study guide soon.

Math: Students will learn how to round whole numbers.  This is the last concept before the test.  Students will receive a study guide for this test too.  








 4C and 4R ART: ( posted 9/8 )

~ Students need an art shirt for Thursday(4C) and Monday(4R). An over-sized t-shirt makes a great art shirt.

4C and 4R Reading:  (posted 9/20 )

 Open book test on the story " Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World" will be on Thursday, September  23rd.

4C and 4R Language: (postes 9/19)

~ No HW

~ There is a test on sentence, sentence fragments, and run-on sentences on Friday, September 24th.

: 4R Social Studies   




4R and 4C SCIENCE - posted 9/20

- Students received a new XP (Extra Practice) assignment.  They are allowed to work on it at home starting on Friday, 9/17.  It is due 9/21 (Tues.)

4R ONLY- Which Step Is It? wksht- due Tuesday


MATH posted 9/20

4C and 4R- Finish workbook pages 3 and 4.  It is due Tuesday.

page 3- Do all of them.  page 4- Do circled numbers only. 


4C and 4R RELIGION- posted 9/20

-no hmwk