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4R and 4C Math- posted 3/31

Morning Work- Students received new Morning Work today.  It is due 3/30

Xtramath- No Xtramath this week.

Finish Emoji Mystery Picture for some in 4R.


4C and 4R Science- posted 3/26



4C and 4R Language:  posted 3/25

4R and 4C : Some students need to finish the homophone worksheet ( there,their, they're an to, too, two)

There will be a test on the correct use of there, their,  they're , to ,too, and two on Tuesday, march 30th. Students have a student guide to help prepare for the test.


4C and 4R Reading  posted 3/25

There will be a test on figuartive language on Thursday, April 1 . ( hyperbole, idiom,personificaation,onomatpoeia, alliteration, simile, metaphor )  Students have a study guide to help prepare for the test)   

4C and 4R Social Studies 


4C and 4R RELIGION- posted 3/31

Finish the People of Jesus' Passion and Death worksheet- due Thursday 4/1. Students do NOT have to do the word search.


 Other:  4C will have a 'Good Behavior Party" on Monday, March 29th.  Our class will be going outside for an extra reccess.  Students can bring an old towel to use to sit on the grass.  They can also bring in a drink of their choice.  No cans. .