4th 5th grade homework



 4th Grade Homework 12/14/18

 Math- Project due Monday Dec. 17

XTRAMATH certificate by April 30th in Multiplication


 1 entry activity- due Tuesday


No homework


MUSIC 4R- Boom cards 

SPANISH 4R- Worksheet is due 12/12


 Religion 4C only ( posted 12/10)

~4C students will have a test on the 7 sacraments on Thursday, December 20th. Study Guide


  Social Studies : 4R  and 4C ( posted 12/10)

~Students will need a 1 pound bag of white rice by Monday, December 17th. Students will be doing a project with the rice.

~ 4C and 4R Students will have a quiz on the vocabulary words and people found on text page 124. The quiz will be on Tuesday, December 18th.


  Music: 4C 


Spanish: 4C 


 Language Arts: study for PP test

Popper's Penguins Open book test 12/17 (study guide and reviewing all next week)



Please sign and return the permission slip to walk to Notre Dame to watch the dress rehearsal of the Christmas Program on Monday.

Students can dress down on Friday if they wear an ugly Christmas sweater. If you don't wear an ugly Christmas swweater you are to come in your uniform.

~ Remember to bring a water bottle on Friday.

4C and 4R- Friday Folders are due back on

Wednesday, December 12th. Please remember to put

your initials in the box that best applies to your view

of your child's work for the week.

 ~ 4C and 4R students need to bring in a wrapped gift for our class gift exchsnge.  The gift should be $2.00 or under. The gift is due Monday, December 17th.








Fifth Grade Homework  12/14/18


 SCIENCE 12/14- no homework

No entry activities this week.


     LA/Reading: No homework

January Lexile book due January 9th

No vocabulary Test until after the holidays.

 Math-5A only: workbook page 41 evens TEST 12/20 lessons 2.1, 2.2, 2.5, 2.6

Xtramath due 4/30



 Social Studies: 5A and 5S( posted 12/11)

There will be a test covering text pages 73-79.  The test will be on Tuesday, December 18th. Study Guide.