Homework page 4th

                                 4c column                                                                            4R column                  

                                                                 This Week:   May 16-May 20


~ How to locate information in an informative Text


~ Using commas.

Social Studies:      

~Students will finish up their research poster on a president born in Ohio.

~ They will begin learning the different symbols of the state of Ohio.

Religion: We are starting chapter 9- Pentecost.

Science:  We are learning about electricity.

Math:. We are learning about the Division Rules and how to do long division.










 4C  and 4R Reading:( 5/1)


 4C and 4RSocial Studies  ( 5/20)

Some student need to finish their "Ohio Symbols" Google slides.  The slides are due on Monday, May 23rd.

 and 4R Language:  (5/10)







4C and 4R MATH- posted 5/19

-Xtramath- Students are finished with Xtramath.  They do not have to complete 2 sessions this week.

-Division test- 5/20- Students have a study guide.

-4C and 4R RELIGION- posted 5/19

 -Father Joseph's card is due Friday.

4C and 4R SCIENCE- posted 5/19

-no hmwk