4th 5th grade homework


 4th Grade Homework 10/12/18

 Math- finish worksheet, check with calculator,Quiz 10/19 over 1.5-1.7 review notebook, study guide will be on google classroom next week. XTRAMATH certificate by April 30th 


Entry activities are due 10-16.  There will be only 2 this week.


   RELIGION 4R ONLY- 10/10 no hmwk



 Social Studies: 4C and 4R (Posted10/11)

~ Students will need a roll of scotch tape. Due Monday, October 15th.


  Other: 4C and 4R- Friday Folders are due back on

Wednesday, October 10th. Please remember to put

your initials in the box that best applies to your view

of your child's work for the week.

~ Please read,sign, and return the Fourth Grade

    Expections handout.

  Language Arts: no homework

Spelling pre-test 

COMPUTER- flash cards are due Friday 10-12



Fifth Grade Homework  10/12/18


-3 entry activities are due 10-16.


 Social Studies 5A and 5S:

 ` Some students need to color and cut out their totem pole pieces.

  LA/Reading finish critical thinking questions pg 93

 Math-finish worksheet from class; xtramath

 Music recorders