4th 5th grade homework

Language Arts/Reading

 October 11

Finish grandparent letter brainstorming


October 11


 Complete the Sentence Vocabulary

 Finish grandparent letter brainstorming
















EAs (56,62, 68) due 10/15  Tuesday









EAs (page 7, Electric Circuits, page 6) due 10/15, Tuesday












Social Studies

 4C and 4R will have a test on " Ohio's Early People" on Thursday, October 10th.  Use the study guide to prepare for the test. Students have a study guide in their homework folder,

We will be reviewing all week.



 5A and 5M will have an open note  test on the Maya, Aztec and Inca empires.  The test will be on Wednesday, October 9th.





4C and 4R 

Don't forget to get your saint's costume ready for October 27th.













- Quarter ends on October 18th.  

Friday folders are due by Wednesday.  Don't forget to sign the white paper inside the folder about your child's work.


Page in book due 10/16


 Grandparent's Day is Wednesday

9:00 in the church