Monday, October 22, 2018

Miss Schoettley

Mrs. Karmol

6th Grade Language Arts:

601- review vocabulary sheet for tomorrow; finish mood/tone graphic organizer (if not finished in class)

602- see 601

7th Grade Social Studies:

701- mind map due Thursday; test on Friday

702- see 701

Religion: chapter 4 quiz tomorrow; unti test on Friday


6th Grade Science:

601- None

602- None

8th Grade Science:

801- Quiz over section 4 on Wednesday

802- Quiz over section 4 on Wednesday

Religion: None



Mrs. Hill

Mr. Szynkowski

6th Grade Social Studies:

601- CH 7 questions due Monday 

602- CH 7 questions due Monday 

8th Grade Language Arts:

801- none

802- none




7th Grade Science:

701- CompBook Journal due this Friday

702- CompBook Journal due this Friday

8th Grade Math:

801- Reteach Solving EQ with Mult/Div; IXL due this Thursday

802- Sec1.2 OYO #4-6 p.13; IXL due this Thursday

Religion: Revise WIGs; continue Pope John Paul II movie

Mrs. Rosengarten

Mrs. Carroll

7th Grade Language Arts: 



8th Grade Social Studies:

801-ch 4 test tomorrow, finish study tool

802-same as above

Religion:  Gospel reflection due Thursday

6th Grade Math:

601- Pages 59-60, 1-3 ALL, 4-42 EVEN

602- Same

7th Grade Math:

701- please be practicing and reviewing. Test Thursday. 

702- Same


Religion: Gospel Reflection due Thursday










6th Grade:


7th Grade:


8th Grade: