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Leadership Clubs

Drama Club

Mission Statement:

We the drama club want to provide entertainment to share our acting talents with others.

Problem Solvers

Spiritual Club

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to help spread the Word of God to all people at Christ the King.

Animal Club: 

Mission Statement

In the Animal Club, we believe that animals are cute, deserve respect, give us friendship, and are part of God’s family.  
Activities and Service
Members of the Animal Club enjoy walking Spirit on sunny days. Our service, so far this year, has been to make cat toys out of socks and bells for the Toledo Area Humane Society. We are making an animal children's book for our school library and will have a bake sale in the spring to raise money for blankets for shelter dogs. 


Dance Club

Creative Communicators

Mission Statement:

As members of the Creative Communicators, we recognize that words have power. We enlist habit four so that we effectively communicate to find agreements and solutions that benefit both others and ourselves. We use habits five and six by being open-minded and actively listening. Our goal is to share the love and truth of Christ through our words.

Activities and Service:

During our meetings, we play communication games to enhance our listening skills. We write notes to help lift up others. For our service project, we are writing letters to deployed soldiers.

Board Games

Mission Statement:

Board Game Club will be nice, let everyone play, never cheat, and use TEAMWORK!

Spirit Club

Mission Statement:

We will lift up people's spirits by using the 7 Habits to create a positive school atmosphere. We want to make Christ the King a happy place to learn and make friends.

Book Club

Mission Statement:

We, the leaders of Book Club, will work hard to synergize together and put first things first.  We will be respectful and responsible to be good Christians.

 Here are the Right to Read Week activities, hosted by the Book Club.

Art Club:

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to synergize in order to create art with a positive message that uplifts others and to encourage a sense of community through creativity.

Health Club

Garden Club

Mission Statement:

As leaders of the Garden Club, we will help our school by creating a garden. We will transform an unused space into a peaceful spot to sit and reflect. We will grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables for our community and will be safe while outside. We will be environmentally friendly and above else – love God.

Sports Club