Meeting Minutes

Parents Club Meeting 11/12/2018

Mrs. Jamie Butz called the meeting to order at 7:02pm with 11 parents present.

Treasurer Report was given by Mrs. Jamie Butz.

We have $4300 in the checking account.

Magazine Wrap Up

We had about $4K more in income right now plus $1053

The Limo and Ralphies need to still be added to expenses.

The question was raised "Do we continue with the Magazine Drive?"

There are concerns about transparency with Company

Is there a better way to earn money for the school

We don't want to take away the "fun" aspect of the sale

But it's a lot of work on the back end of things

Pros to doing away with Magazine Drive:

Causes less disruption in the School Day

Would still do something fun for the kids

Air Extreme?

DJ Party

Cons to doing away with the Magazine Drive:

No more Coops; adding fun to the day


Family Donation Fundraising Fee

About 280 families roughly

If we charge each family $100 fundraising fee

We would make more than Mag drive

Spirit Week

Have kids do some type of service to "earn"

Use service for Jeans Passes

Are there other companies we could do this for?

Yes, but that would be the unknown vs just getting the $$

Mr. Carroll would do a quick survey to get the feel of the school

Events and Ongoing Activities

Father Daughter Dance

New Date? November 9th, 2019

Julie Price & Stephanie Macdonald are new chairs for 2019 Dance

Movie Night

Nov.'s went well

About 55 kids

Lots of older kids too

Volunteers were mostly older kids and were great!

Waiting to see what next big movie is to see when next movie night is

Sometime in Feb. - March


Grandparents Day

Overall it went well

Tim Hortons donated all the coffee which was GREAT!

Next year: do we do 3 events?

K-2; 3-5: 6-8

Sept; Oct & April are possibilities

NEED CHAIRPERSON FOR SPRING GP DAY - April 12th (Friday during Lent)

Breakfast with Santa

Saturday Dec. 1st; 9-11:30am

Flyers going out Thursday

We have a Santa

Still need older kids to volunteers

Fri. Nov 30th (2 hours) to help set up; right after school

Day of Help too

Will need adult help Day of as well

Get there about 7:30am


Christmas Luncheon

All set; Dec. 18th

Hot Lunch

Mrs. Dudley put together a Hot Lunch procedures

Taking temperatures when hot/cold lunches come in

Hot Dog Lunch

The one warmer is not working

Deb Gehring will contact Dave Dwyer and then let Brian Smith know that we're getting one

Looking into cold food cooler too

Jamie Butz will work on procedure for Hot Dog Lunchs for incoming 6th grade parents

Box Top Contest - October

PJ Party next Tuesday (Sweatpants for older kids) 11/20

We made close to $700 from Box Top October Contest

Skating Party

October - 40 Kids

Dec. 12th is next one

Really want 100 kids to get more $$

Feb. 14th is spring one

Mother/Son Fun Night

Other ideas are welcome; email Erin Sifuentes

Get Air; themed dance in the gym

Will readdress in January

New Business


Mr. Carroll/Mr. Urbanski

Our Pre School 3 yr. Old teacher is also an author

Has also offered to sell books for holiday and give 10% back to Parents' Club

Diocese has given the OK as a Parents' Club fundraiser

Parents Club will sponsor; WILL NEED CHAIR

Capital Campaign Kickoff will happen this weekend

Will need a lot of parental involvement besides just making a pledge

Including passing out pledge cards

Students can help

Mr. Urbanski wanted to remind that all volunteers need to be Virtus certified

It takes time; meaning you can't take it the day before and then help out

Meeting concluded at 8:17pm.