Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 6:39pm by Mrs. Jamie Butz with 11 people present.  We then entered into the Budget portion of the meeting. 

A couple of notes from the disucussions surrounding certain line items of the budget:

  • Hot Lunches
    • We want to go into a deeper dive to find out which vendors are the most worthwhile.
    • There were a few fees from Lunch Works including  an account maintenance fee, tranaction quanity fee and we believe a credit card transaction fee.
    • Right now, we are projecting a loss on Hot Lunches for this year
      • That could be because we are doing year round Hot Dog lunches
  • Movie Night
    • We are lowering both the expenses and income for this now that we are no longer charging for admission.
    • Most of the income will come from the concesssion stand
  • Breakfast with Santa
    • Because of the increases in expenses this year, we will want to consider increasing the price of admission next year to make sure we break even
  • Father Daughter Dance
    • We generally make about $1500-$1700 on this event
    • Increased budget to add some fun items for this year (selfie wall;)
    • Also exploring different food options (dessert bar etc)
  • Family Fundraising Fee
    • Replaces magazine Drive income; with 286 families right now, we can project a $28,600 income
    • Expenses will include the all school prizes (DJ party, Kona Ice, Air Exteme). Budgeting $3000
    • Since this is the first year we will be giving the option to earn that money back thru fundraising, we projecting that income at $0
  • Grandparents Day
    • Increasing budget to reflect the possiblity of adding Kindergarten to the event and then splitting it into 3 different days
    • Still looking at School/Parish Calendar to see if this is possible
    • Colleen Milks has agreed to chair both the younger Gparents Days

Event Wrap Up

  • Mother Son Night
    • Fun for all
    • We liked Get Air
  • Skating Party
    • About 40 people attended
  • Box Top Contest
    • 6K was the winning classroom (since P4 doesn't do lunches); don't worry, they got suckers!

Upcoming Events/Ongoing Events

  • Spring Grandparents Day
    • We are in good shape
  • School Kits
    • $$ due Friday
  • Upcoming Movie Nights
    • Possible summer event? Unless we can find a kid friendly movie that is coming out before the end of school
  • Spring Teacher Appreciation Luncheon
    • May 7 2019
    • Good shape; parents donating salads

Comments from Mr. Carroll and Mr. Urbanski

  • Enrollment numbers are good;
  • Preschool is filled up already; looking at options for next year

Meeting concluded at 8:06pm.


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